Holly Gittlein, Artist

About Holly

My career as an Artist came as a surprise. Like most things in my life the leap from a pure science field to the role of an artist was completely unplanned, a bold intuitive decision that has sculpted my life and experiences into nothing I previously envisioned. I come from a long line of ironworkers, farmers, rough necks and beautiful, hard-working women: a lucky combination. I learned to handle welders, equipment, torches as well as paint, sew and create as a child and I was blessed with a family who believed in everything I did.

A love for all things wild and free combined with an addiction for adventure led me to a degree in biology from the University of Northern Colorado and a post graduate diploma in marine studies from the University of the South Pacific in the Fiji Islands. My curiosity of the mysterious force of creation has taken me on an interesting journey across Africa, South and Central America, Asia, Europe and the South Pacific where I continue to witness life expressed in infinite forms of great beauty and great sadness. In my travels I have learnt to observe rather than to judge what Nature has manifested allowing for a deeper, more authentic relationship with the Spirit expressed as Nature. This powerful position of the unattached observer is where my art truly comes from. Adding to my repertoire, I have been training in the healing arts studying Chinese medicine, massage, yoga, sound healing, Reiki and Qi Gong adding enlightenment and healing energies to each of my pieces.

As an award winning multi-media artist I am humbly dedicated to our inherent connection to Mother Earth, protecting our natural environment and helping humanity, especially the under-represented and vulnerable.

I work in a variety of metals, glass, organic materials and coloration. My creations appeal to a wide spectrum of people and are found internationally in diverse public areas from military bases, hospitals, and schools to businesses, private collections and recreational areas.

Currently, I am creating artwork that communicates healing at the human, environment and spiritual level. My work explores the theory that mankind’s lost connection with nature is at the heart of our environmental and societal challenges. Recently I have been expanding from sculpture into painting and writing.

Holly Gittlein, Artist